Introduction To Affiliate Marketing Online

Affiliate Marketing Online is about promoting products for companies whether it is physical products and/or digital products through 3rd party networks or even directly to the business. To achieve this is by building a website around a niche that people are looking into whether it is Health and Fitness, Home & Garden, Software and the list goes on. There are so many options for building a successful business in Affiliate Marketing and achieving a lucrative passive income.

How Affiliate Marketing Works

Here is how Affiliate Marketing works, First off you want to get into a Niche that you are interested in. You want to provide useful and helpful information to people, do some research on what people are looking for and even the most common questions, This could be physical products or digital products
now in most cases you’ll be going through a 3rd party network to advertise for publishers products for example Clickbank and Commission Junction and even Amazon, now that is only a few networks. There are so many networks out there that affiliates can use to refer customers.

Building Your Website

Building your website of your chosen Niche is about creating content on the research of keywords you have in your Niche. Programs you can use to Research keywords for SEO is

  • Affiliate Marketing Online

These are just a couple of great tools you can use. With the keyword planner with Google is free which is great especially if you are just starting out and gives you lots of great information on how many people are searching for a certain keyword as well as competition.

Jaaxy Is also a great Tool and gives you 30 free searches under a starter account, With Jaaxy I find you can narrow down on your competition and figure out if you have a good chance in ranking that keyword in the search engines as well you can figure out what domain names are not taken.


Now that you have your Niche figured out as well as the corresponding keywords you want To Figure out Hosting

  • Affiliate Marketing Online is a very Popular it has your Drag and drop website builder or you can use WordPress which is a very popular platform, SSL Certificate, Unlimited Pages, etc. Gives you everything you need at affordable prices.
  • Affiliate Marketing Online is also a great option

The most popular layout is using WordPress, there are thousands of different themes offered through word press but once you find the one you’re happy with you move on to adding attractive graphics videos whether you make your own videos or even going to youtube and finding a related video about your post,

Creating Content

When you Create Content you want to keep it original and unique to yourself and informative to your consumer but never copy someone else’s content, That will just raise red flags and negatively affect your site.

Take advantage of the vast information online for your research, Take Notes and ideas then put your twist and personality into your writing that makes it unique, If this is a topic you have an expertise in you are already ahead of the game and you will have no problem creating great content, You can even make Videos for your site or if your not comfortable making Videos You can add videos from YouTube to your site. The best part about videos is that everyone always loves to see what the video is about over reading content the bonus is that the viewer will stay on your website longer which looks good to the search engine but more importantly gives the viewer an informative decision and hopefully the answers they were looking for, You want to keep the viewer on your website as long as possible and keep your bounce rate low. What is Important is to give the viewer valuable information related to your Niche, Once you start seeing good traffic to your site then you want to introduce your product to your website whether on your home page and/or to your posts.


Now that you have decided on your Niche, chosen keywords related to your Niche you are on your way creating great to content with the keyword list that you have made. Affiliate Marketing Online is a lot of fun, especially if it’s about a topic you are passionate about.

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